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Marketing & Finance Podcast Ep 240

In this podcast we chat about how I sank into massive debt, the steps I took to get back on my feet and writing a book to help others facing challenges like mine.

Student Loan Planner Podcast Ep 70

Conquering Anxiety and Depression After $300k of Film School Debt with Stephanie Bousley

Living With Money Podcast Ep 112

Listen as we discuss my journey with student debt, how I paid it down using unconventional methods, and how the book helps readers do the same.

Author Takes on Student Debt Issue Introducing Unique Approach

In this radio interview, Stephanie discusses her unique approach to paying off debt.

Best College Classes for Financial Literacy

In this article, Stephanie discusses what financially focused course to take this semester to brush up on your money management skills.

Why these women chose to be child-free -- and why that’s completely fine

In this article, Stephanie discusses her decision to not have children and why.

5 inspiring stories of real estate success

In this article, Stephanie discusses her how she purchased real estate property despite her debt.

Helping Families Be Happy Podcast

In this podcast interview, Stephanie discusses how she overcame $250,000 in debt and the lessons she's learned throughout the years.

Splendid Yoga: Manage Your Money Yogically

When you think of your money, do you panic or do you feel at ease? No but seriously: are you making enough money as a healer? How's your relationship to money? What's holding you back from making the money you need to live the life you want? We're gonna give you some simple systems to make it SUPER easy to make the money you deserve to make to live life on your terms.